Boulder TrapEdit


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Boulder Trap

There are few things that instill as much dread as seeing a steady stream of enemy Minions pouring into your dungeon, marching steadily down your hallways intent on inflicting as much destruction as possible. One of those "few things", however, is a handy little thing we call the Boulder Trap!

Unlocked and available to be built once your Workshop attains Level 5, the Boulder Trap causes a very large and very heavy boulder to roll down your hallways - flattening everything in its path, dealing significant damage to all targets thus steamrolled - once an enemy Minion gets within 5 tiles. The boulder will continue rolling in a cardinal N/S/E/W direction until it hits a wall, making it especially effective in long hallways where you're able to funnel large groups of attackers together.

The Boulder Trap is consumable, available for a single use before needing to be replaced. These traps have are built instantly upon the build order being issued. No waiting! However be careful upgrading the traps. If you spend 50k gold on the level 2 upgrade every subsequent rearm will automatically also cost 25k gold. This makes any upgraded version rather expensive and upgrades are better avoided at the beginning of the game.

Rolling stones might not gather much moss, Keepers... but you'll be amazed at the things that THIS rolling stone will pick up along the way. If you're squeamish, though... maybe DON'T look!

  • Single-use Trap with no build time
  • Hidden until triggered
  • Rolls until it hits a wall
  • Effective against groups of Minions

Requires Workshop (Level 5).


Targets Ground
Damage Type Physical
Number of Targets Unlimited
Attack Speed Single-Use
Attack Range Until Wall Collision

Traps AvailableEdit

Workshop Traps Added Max Traps
Level 5 1 1
Level 6 1 2
Level 7 1 3
Level 8 1 4
Level 9 1 5
Level 10 1 6
Level 16 1 7
Level 18 1 8

Note - Max Boulder Traps is 8


Level Damage Cost (Gold) Rearm Cost (Gold) Workshop Required
1 280 1,250 1,250 Level 5
2 360 50k 25k Level 5
3 540 175k 50k Level 9
4 645 2.5M 75k Level 14
5 755 7.5M ? Level 20
6 870 ? ? Level 24