Here is a list of all dungeons and defences on the campaign trail with short strategies on how to beat them. Most dungeons are player attacking much like in pvp raids except that the dungeon is always the same from a pre made list.

Other steps on the campaign trail are dungeon defences where the AI will sent waves of minions at your dungeon in a fashion like the weekly survival raid.

It Begins!Edit

Basic strategy.

1-2 Bile Demons at the north (only) portal, finish off with goblins spawned at the destroyed store houses. If Bile demons are unavailable use 5-10 skeletons instead.

It begins map

Dungeon DefendersEdit

Attacking Units Edit

  • First Wave
  • Second Wave

Covering Fire Edit

Basic strategy.

A few trolls from the portal to destroy the workshop then finish with skeletons or bile demons.

Boned Edit

Attacking Units Edit

Locked Up Edit

Basic strategy.

Use bomb-wall to gain access to the library in the north then goblin and troll spam for a quick and easy victory.

Troll in the Dungeon! Edit

The Last Argument of the Keepers Edit

Basic strategy.

Again use bomb-wall to gain access to the library then use large numbers of trolls and skeletons. The advice of sacrificing a bile demon at the front of the raid will help keep the rest of the hored safe from the cannon is a sound idea but is not needed in this mission.

Doom Imp Edit

Basic strategy.

Don't be put off by the immortal it is about as tough as the sawmill and has a shorter range. Bomb wall between the hatchery and heart will give you full access to the inner dungeon for your trolls and bile demons.

Had'ou-ken! Edit

Backdoor Edit

Vile Demon Edit

Hot Foot Edit

Scatter Edit

Breach and Clear Edit

Death Proof Edit

Stay Frosty Edit

Leveled up Edit

Fortified Edit

Beard Brigade Edit

Ejector Seat Edit

Capture Horny the immortal here

Revenge of Phatooey Edit

Chickens. The chickens!

In the final wave, you face one huge immortal-style chicken.

Overwatch Edit

Switchback Edit

Breaking Eggs Edit

Poison Mushroom Edit

Raise the Dead Edit

Mortal Coil Edit

I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost Edit

Cannon Crazy Edit

Dominated Edit

Crystal Cave Edit

60 Seconds Edit

Bomb Flower Edit

Cold As Ice Edit

Demolition, Man Edit

Call Me "The Zapper" Edit

Death Proofed Edit

Two Hearted Alley Edit

Rock n' Roll Edit

Max Damage Edit

Super Six Sided Shape Edit

Council of Elders Edit

Return of the Ancient King Edit

Deep Impact Edit

Ceremonial Killamajig Edit

Primordial Air Raid Edit

The Adjudicator Edit

Tomb of the Giants Edit

Domain of Frost Edit

DrekFrost's Revenge Edit

Domain of Flame Edit

Flame's Revenge Edit

Domain of Storms Edit

Storm's Revenge Edit

Domain of Earth Edit

Earth's Revenge Edit

Domain of Aether Edit

Revenge of the Aether Edit

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