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Cluck Off

Cluck Off


The Cluck Off spell allows you to turn the enemy's Minions into chickens for a certain number of taps. Meanwhile, you can tap on the chickens to deal damage - tap enough and you will kill them and remove them from the dungeon. In fact you turn them in to eggs!

Cluck Off is an excellent spell to use when encountering immortals.  An easy way to defeat dungeons who use Tiny for defense is to use Cluck Off, rather than simply trying to mass Warlocks or strategically use Ghosts.  

Defensively, Cluck Off is excellent for Exclusive Raids.  Use it to defeat especially problematic enemies such as Mistresses and Dragon Whelps to increase your odds of survival. This is also a good way to level the spell. 

When they are chickens they are easy to defeat. 


Usage Type Tap
Effects All hostile Minions in the Dungeon
Mana 50
  • Turns hostile Minions into chickens
  • Tap on a chicken to deal the Spell's damage

Important information about the Cluck Off spell[]

When using Cluck Off, if you tap fast, it will waste taps. It appears that the fastest you can use the spell is about 3 taps per seconds. Tapping any faster than this will waste taps, and the faster you tap, the more that will be wasted. Here is an example from Farket:

”Testing my own dungeon with my level 40 Horny. If I used cluck off and tapped at a rate of 3 taps per second, the Horny would be knocked out in 18 taps with a level 11 cluck off spell (Max level).

Level 40 Horny’s Health = 4795

Level 11 cluck off spell = 275 damage per tap

18 taps at 275 per tap = 4950 damage

However, testing it again while tapping as fast as I could required 39 taps

39 taps at 275 damage per tap = 10725 damage

This means that over 50% of my taps were wasted and did no damage, and it wasted mana.”


  • Avoid taping fast with cluck off as it will use up taps that will cause no damage
  • If a cluck of spell has been activated and a guild hall releases minions, they cannot be clucked off by the spell, it will have to be casted again
  • Refilling at the end of a raid after using cluck off should only cost 1 gem
  • If you wish to see how strong your minions and immortals are against cluck off, you can test your own dungeon and use your own cluck off spell
  • Cluck off does not do bonus damage to any minion or immortal
  • Vampires have a resistance to cluck off
  • Be prepared with cluck off for guild lairs when raiding, they could release minions such as ghosts or vampires which can be extremely destructive
  • Once you start a raid, check if the enemy has Horny, it is better to cluck off and take him down early other wise he gains more health, the more the dungeon has been damaged
  • Best used against against Immortals, Warlocks, and Vampires
  • Max level Warlocks require 4 taps to kill


Level Experience Taps Damage (per Tap) Max Damage
1 0 10 100 1000
2 50 10 125 1250
3 250 15 150 2250
4 500 15 175 2625
5 1,000 20 200 4000
6 1,350 20 225 4500
7 1,450 20 235 4700
8 1,550 20 245 4900
9 1,650 20 255 5100
10 1,750 20 265 5300
11 1,850 20 275 5500

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