DCR stands for Dungeon Composition Rate, which basically means your dungeon level. The higher, the stronger. It is displayed in the top left corner of your dungeon, your opponent when you’re raiding or your teammate when you’re visiting. When you reach a certain cap, it allows you to recruit Immortals such as Magmaw (DCR200) and Sir Cophagus (DCR250).

What raises DCREdit

Upgrading traps, doors, buildings, and minions will increase DCR. Immortal levels have no effect on it.

DCR isn’t really logical. Leveling certain things can increase it a lot whereas upgrading others won’t have any effect. For example :

  • Guard Post is the best to increase it
  • Doors are good
  • Gold mines and quarries are moderated, though don’t affect how strong a dungeon is
  • Walls don’t increase DCR even though they are very expensive

Effective ways from raising DCREdit

There are certain buildings that are better for DCR than others. Depending on the circumstances, whether you have time or resources depending on what you should upgrade at the time.

Best to raise DCR :

  • Guard Post (level 8, 9 or 10 will make a +10DCR)
  • Guild Lair (Provides about 2 DCR when the costs are dreadstones)
  • Doors (Cheap though long build times)
  • Dantes Mound (Expensive and long build times)
  • Leveling Minions (Can always be training even when upgrading the training room)
  • Gold based traps (Due to instant upgrading)


  • Most buildings
  • Most stone based traps


  • Walls provide no DCR
  • Leveling Immortals provides no DCR unless they are over level 35
  • Anti Air Turrets (They have extremely long build times)
  • Spike Traps (Cheap though provides very little DCR)
  • Gold Mines and Stone Quarries (Small amounts of DCR for its cost)
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