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DCR stands for Dungeon Composition Rate, which basically means your dungeon level. The higher, the stronger. It is displayed in the top left corner of your dungeon, your opponent when you’re raiding or your teammate when you’re visiting.

What does DCR do?[]

  • When raiding, it provides you an estimate on how strong a dungeon is
  • It can provide you with important information when raiding. For example, a dungeon with low level buildings but a high DCR can indicate that their traps could be higher than expected.
  • At a DCR of 200, you can recruit the Immortal Magmaw for 50,000 Combat Points.
  • At a DCR of 250, you can recruit the Immortal Sir Cophagus for 3,500 Dreadstones.
  • The higher your DCR, the more stars you will earn during a Tournament

What raises DCR[]

Upgrading traps, doors, buildings, and minions will increase DCR. Reinforced Walls and Immortal levels from 1 to 35 have no effect on DCR.

DCR isn’t really logical. Leveling certain things can increase it a lot whereas upgrading others won’t have any effect. For example:

  • Gold mines and quarries provide DCR though don’t make a dungeon stronger
  • Reinforced Walls can make a dungeon stronger, though don’t increase DCR
  • Upgrading the Guard Post from level 7 to 10 will provide 30 full DCR, though it has no offensive capability except the Immortal that may be guarding it
  • Immortals from level 1 to 35 can make a dungeon stronger, though don’t increase DCR.

Is there a way to tell exactly how much DCR each upgrade gives?[]

No, unless the developers advise or someone has access to the games code there is no way to tell. There are a number of things that have been observed that provide a good estimate of how much DCR something will provide:

  • Anything with a low max level will provide more DCR than ones with higher make level. An example of this is Doors, Dantes Mound, Vampires and Dragon Whelps
  • The lower the level, the less DCR it will provide. This can be seen easily when upgrading gold based traps such as Boulder Traps, Chicken Bombs, and U.R. Mines
  • The more health the upgrade provides, it will generally provide more DCR than upgrades that provide less health.
  • If it costs Dreadstones, it will most generally provide a lot of DCR

Effective ways from raising DCR[]

There are certain buildings that are better for DCR than others. Depending on the circumstances, whether you have time or resources depending on what you should upgrade at the time.


  • Guard Post levels 8, 9 will provide exactly 10 full levels of DCR each and 14DCR for level 10
  • Guild Lair levels 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 (Will provide exactly 2 full levels of DCR each)
  • Immortals from level 36 to 40 (Will provide exactly 2 full levels of DCR each)




Very Low


  • Reinforced Walls provide no DCR
  • Leveling Immortals from levels 1 to 35 provide no DCR (level 35 to 40 provide great amounts of DCR)