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Gold accumulates automatically in your claimed Gold Mines. To collect the accumulated gold, just touch the mine. Arguably, of the four collectible resources, Stone is currently more valuable than Gold. Though running out of gold with not enough to summon minions can be a tough situation.

Obtaining Gold[]

  • Raiding - By far the most effective way to earn gold, this will be 95%+ of your gold income. When raiding, 50% of the enemies gold is in their Treasuries, the other 50% is in the rest of the dungeon. The amount available for plunder is based on their Dungeon Heart level, with increased amounts for Dungeon Hearts over level 30
  • Gold Mines - not very effective though still helpful
  • Survival Raids - Only provides 250k once per week, will often cost you more in rearming traps than you actually make
  • Campaigns - They can provide a lot, especially the later ones, though they are finite

Storing Gold[]

The amount of gold you can store at a given time is limited by your Treasuries, Gold Mines and Dungeon Heart.

The maximum amount of gold a dungeon can hold is 90,001,500 (9 Million)

Spending Gold[]