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The Imp is (almost quite literally) the essential building block of your dungeon: they are used to perform tunneling jobs, clearing the way for travel and/or the building of rooms, traps, bolstering etc. Once you’ve decided to build or upgrade, your imps will faithfully carry out those orders. And if they aren’t working quite as quickly as you’d like, you may… “motivate” them by slapping your imps to increase their efficiency. While only one Imp can be used on any one build/dig/upgrade project, having multiple Imps in play will allow for multiple projects to be worked on at once.


  • Imps are required to remove blocks but not to place them
  • Imps are not present when defending or attacking


  • Imps can be used to bolster buildings providing you with benefits for the cost of gold
  • The benefit amount is dependant on the buildings level*
  • The higher the level of building, the higher the cost, even if the benefit doesn’t improve
  • When an imps is bolstering, he cannot be used for other tasks
  • If you have an imp bolstering and attempt an action when you have no imps available, it will ask you if you wish to use gems to complete the building that has the shortest time to complete rather than using the imp that is bolstering.
  • Bolstering training rooms or guard posts will add the guild perks to it as well
  • For buildings such as hatcheries, gold mines, and quarries, the benefit is only as good as the lowest level building. Bolstering the lowest level one will provide the same benefit and cost less

See Bolstering for a complete list

Imp Cost[]

1st Free Free
2nd 200 120
3rd 800 480
4th 1,200 720
5th 2,100 1,260
6th 4,200 2,520

Slap Boosting Time[]

Imps Boost Time Guild Perk
Level 1 - 2%
Guild Perk
Level 2 - 5%
Guild Perk
Level 3 - 10%
Guild Perk
Level 4 - 20%
Guild Perk
Level 5 - 25%
1 Imp 15m
2 Imps 1h 1h 3m 1h 6m 1h 12m 1h 18m
3 Imps 2h 2h 6m 2h 12m 2h 24m
4 Imps 4h 4h 12m 4h 24m 4h 48m
5 Imps 8h 8h 24m 8h 48m 9h 36m
6 Imps 16h 16h 48m 17h 36m 20h


  • It would take 96 days (without the slap boost) for a single imp to dig out the entire outer ring of Hard Gem Vein connecting all of the Quarries and Gold Mines.
  • Slapping any one imp will boost all of the imps.