Dungeon Keeper Wiki

Known bugs & glitches have most likely been in the game since released and are unable to be fixed.

Deegg & Dugger & Thunderbolt Glitch[]

Verdict: Bug & Glitch

This glitch involves when a player has Deegg & Dugger defending a dungeon, if the opposing player clicks the thunderbolt spell then cancels, their dungeon will receive 10% damage. It is common to see in a replay that player does between 40% to 50% damage to your dungeon, yet still win. It does not take into account the extra 10% damage they are doing to your dungeon.To defend yourself against this glitch, don’t use Deegg & Dugger to defend your dungeon. To take advantage of this glitch, if you notice a Deegg & Dugger, activate the Thunderbolt spell, then cancel it. This will cost no mana and cause 10% damage. This still works even if the Deegg & Duggar has been knocked out. Fun Fact: If you use do this on the final campaign mission, it will do 36% damage to the dungeon due to the amount of Deegg & Duggers there are.

Training Room guild bonus not applying[]

Verdict: Bug

This bug occurs when you log into the game, raided a player, or played a campaign. The bonus time that is applied from guilds (depending on its level) will not be applied to the training time. To fix this bug, you need to do one of the following watch a replay, visit another players dungeon, or add an imp to bolster the training room. Pay attention to this bug because you could waste gems using acceleration boosts

Immortal recovery times changing[]

Verdict: Bug

This is the same bug as the training room, the guild bonus has not been applied. To fix this, simply equip another immortal and it will apply the bonus. Note that your immortal may be knocked out again after a raid, just repeat the process to fix it.

Building Complete Crash Loop[]

Verdict: Bug

This bug causes the game to crash, reload, then crash non stop until the game is closed. This is bug was introduce in 8.1 and still occurs at times. The bug appears to be with a building being completed too early, it is unknown what causes this. To overcome this bug, shut down the app and reload. After that, immediately watch a reply or visit another dungeon. This will fix the issue.

Trolls keep going for Anti Air traps for no reason[]

Verdict: Probably a feature, or a glitch

This happens when a troll is close to an anti air trap that has been revealed. This is common if you are using the scouting boost, used dragon breath or used bomb wall on an anti air trap. It is not known if this is done on purpose by the developers. This can be used to your advantage when planning your dungeon layout as you can use anti air traps to distract trolls or pull them into desired areas. Disabling an anti air trap has no effect, trolls will still go out of their way to destroy them.

Trolls are going through doors even though the traps would be much quicker to go through[]

Verdict: Not a bug

While it seems most of the time that minions will take the path of least resistance, this doesn’t seem to be the case for trolls. It appears if there are 2 traps in a trolls way, they will take the door instead. If they trap attacks the troll, they will go for it if its not too far away.

Trolls behaviour is really stupid[]

Verdict: Feature

This isn’t a bug or glitch, Trolls are just really stupid.

Minion spawning times changing after watching replays or visiting dungeons[]

Verdict: Bug

This appears to be similar to the training room bug in that it doesn’t apply the guild perk, if you do visit a dungeon or watch a replay, it will shorten the spawn times to their accurate amount.

Upgraded something, game crashed, but I still have all the resources[]

Verdict: Glitch though probably not possible to replicate

This is very rare, but it can happen. Anecdote from Farket: “After upgrading a wall to level 13, the resources went and the game immediately crashed. Upon returning to the game, I still had the level 13 wall though I had the 8 million stone that it cost me. This occurred during a wall promotion”.

Watching a replay, Immortals don't die or run off the map[]

Verdict: Visual bug

This only occurs in the replay, but doesn’t actually occur when they attack.

Trolls destroy a trap, but keep standing there attacking nothing[]

Verdict: Bug

This is caused by using the Bomb Wall spell. To avoid this bug occurring, use the bomb wall spell before deploying any trolls.

Deegg & Dugger digging though facing the wrong way during a replay[]

Verdict: Visual bug

This is purely a visual bug, it’s just confusing to witness during the replay.