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Minions are the basic units used to conduct Raids in Dungeon Keeper. There are currently 9 types of units which fill a variety of niches that you may find necessary in various set ups. Once Minions are used in a Raid, even if they

List of Minions[]


During Raids, Minions can be deployed at any Mine that the Keeper has unlocked. By destroying buildings, a raider can open up new potential spawn zones for Minions to deploy. Strategically using this feature can improve the success of the raid drastically. Minions built by a player are not present when another player is raiding your dungeon.  However, some Rooms will have a single unit defending the Room at no additional cost.

The raiding population is based on the Hatchery level.  To increase your raiding party size, you must increase your Hatchery's level.


Minions may be enhanced at the Training Hall for lump sums of Gold. Training improves their health and attack power, and can drastically improve their effectiveness in large groups. Upgrading levels of the buildings required to build the Minions will allow for higher levels to be upgraded at the Training Hall. Enhancements will increase the cost of recruiting minions by a small amount of Gold.  

Guild Use[]

Minions are circulated by the Guild system.  Keepers can donate Minions to their Guilds, which in turn level up and provide perks for all Keepers in the Guild.  Players can also retrieve Minions from the Guild that have been donated for defense against an enemy Raid. You have to wait 5 minutes after you donate minions before you can donate again, and you have to wait 15 minutes between each withdrawal, whether or not you take out all you could, though these delays are slightly shortened as the Guild's level improves.