Most of the time there is a promotion offering discounts or increased rewards.  The various discounts include gems, reinforced walls, traps that cost stone and yes, even imps.  Increased rewards include extra spell experience or extra League of Evil rewards.  This page is to keep track of these different promotions.  Promotions last one full week.

List of PromotionsEdit

Promotion Description Tips and Tricks
Imp Sale! - All Imps 40% off! When buying Imps, they cost 40% less gems
  • It is recommended for new players to wait until these sales to buy Imps
Boosts Sale! - All Boosts are 50% off! Includes: Cave-In, First Strike, Fortification, Scouting, and DK Premium
  • At the time of buying make sure you are in a guild that is at least level 40, so you can take advantage of the 20% increase in boost duration. This is especially valuable when purchasing DK Premium for 100 days, since you will get a bonus of 20 days.
  • Buying the 100 day DK premium during this sale costs 5000 gems, instead of 10,000.
  • On the last day of the sale, you can buy 7 day sales to last you the whole of the next week.
Traps Sale! - All Stone costs are 50% off! Includes all traps and doors that cost stone, includes building them and upgrading them.
  • At higher levels, traps can be very expensive, especially doors. Take advantage of the promotion when upgrading higher level traps.
  • Does not include any single-use traps that are paying for with gold or dreadstones, such as boulders, chicken bombs, spring traps, or UR Mines
Accelerate Sale - All Acceleration costs are 50% off! Accelerations means completing the following with gems: buildings, training, training minions, reviving immortals, freeing immortals, etc.
  • When upgrading the Dark Library, it will stop producing mana, leaving none for the player to collect until the upgrade is complete. While it is upgrading, you can't cast spells or gain spell XP, unless you buy mana with gems. It can be very beneficial to accelerate this building.
  • Accelerating minion summoning can also be very cheap and worth while.
  • If you are going to accelerate training times (or simply monitor them), be aware that training bonuses from guilds are not applied, until you watch a replay or look at another players dungeon or test your own dungeon. Make sure to do this immediately before accelerating the training.
  • Mines and Quarries do not produce gold and stone while being upgraded. Though the amount they provide isn't worth accelerating them for unless you are desperate for Imps.
Reinforced Wall Sale - All Reinforced Walls are 60% off! Walls
  • Upgrading walls that are higher levels will gain you the most benefit. At lower levels they can be upgraded with ease even without the special, can be a good way to dump stone.
  • It can be a good idea to focus on getting individual walls to level 13, which require at least two bombs, even at max spell level.
  • During this promotion, gathering stone is very difficult as most players are spending their stone on walls, leaving little to plunder.
  • During this promotion, try and leave one Imp idle for upgrading walls.
Resources Sale - Purchasing Gold or Stone is 35% off! When buying Gold or Stone, the gem cost amount is reduced by 35%.
  • This is still very expensive to do, even with the special. Recommended to only use it when your desperate, or if you are rich.
  • This promotion sucks
Spell XP Promotion Players can earn 2x the experience when casting spells. Can sometimes be different amounts, it has been up to 5x before.
  • When you have spare mana and you are not raiding, you can go into campaign dungeons and use spells, then leave. You will still get experience.
  • Try to use spells that are close to leveling up.
  • Think twice before upgrading your library during this special...unless you plan to accelerate it.
Specific Spell Bonus and XP Promotion Specific spells can receive 3x to 4x the XP. Some also may get an extra cast. For example, the Disable Trap spell can have 1+ extra cast each time it is used.
  • Cast the specific spell as much as you can!
  • Even if you have maxed the specific spell, you get an extra cast.
  • Can be useful for completing campaigns that you are struggling with
Very Rare Rooms Sale - 50% off! All rooms are 50% off upgrading except Dungeon Hearts, Guild Lairs, and Guard Rooms.
  • This promotion has only started appearing 4 years after the games release. There has been two since release until November 2018. Take advantage of this when it comes about
  • Focus on upgrading stone and gold storage. These rooms at later levels require that mines and quarries be upgraded to reach the storage amount (100k each time). That way you can by pass upgrading the mines for some time, yet still get the storage you need.
  • Ensure you Dungeon Heart is kept at it's highest level at all times in case this promotion comes about. That way you can upgrade what you want without the Dungeon Hearts restrictions, as it is also not a part of the promotion.
  • If you were upgrading other rooms before the sale, and you cancel them. You will only get 25% back of what you spent as it calculates at the promotions price, not the one prior.
50% off Immortals gem costs Immortals that cost gems are 50% off during this promotion
  • Wait until this promotion to buy immortals with gems, you will save a lot in gems
  • Immortals that cost dreadstones are not affected by this promotion
Specific Minion Bonus Specific minions can receive bonuses during this promotion. For example, in August 2018 the Warlock received 1+ Range and 50% bonus DMG
  • This promotion can be good only if the specific minion is at a decent level.
  • Can be a good idea to rearrange your dungeon when these promotions occur. For example, a warlock that can fire over 3 walls instead of 2 can yield devastating results, depending on your dungeon.
Specific Immortal Bonus Specific immortals can receive bonuses during this promotion. For example, in July 2018m, Deeg & Dugger received 2x bonus move speed & 3x digging damage.
  • The benefits of this promotion depend on the immortals level.
  • When immortals had a max level of 35, they received a special bonus if you had the immortal at that level.
  • Currently, these promotions have been stopped as the immortal patch that allows them to be upgraded to level 40 still requires balancing.
League of Evil - Earn 2x League of Evil Rewards! Not sure what this is
  • This promotion must be very old, possibly irrelevant now.

Weekly SpecialsEdit

Date Specials
September 17, 2019 to
September 24, 2019
Guild Event: Free for All

Boosts 50% off
Trap stone costs 50% off

... ...
15th January 2018 to
22nd January 2018
Very Rare Training Event: Training minions is 50% off and training time is reduced by 50%
(This is the first time this promotion event has ever occurred)
Dungeon Keeper Forum Dev post regarding the special
2nd January 2018 to
15th January 2018
Imps 40% off
60% off walls
Start date might be incorrect
19th December 2018 to
2nd January 2018
2x Spell Experience
50% off traps stone costs
Due to Xmas these specials went for 2 weeks
12th December 2018 to
19th December 2018
Boosts 50% off
Resources 35% off
5th December 2018 to
12th December 2018
Accelerations 50% off
Walls 60% off
28th November 2018 to
5th December 2018
Imps 40% off
50% off traps stone costs
21st November 2018 to
28th November 2018
Resources 35% off
2x Spell Experience
14th November 2018 to
21st November 2018
Very Rare Room Sale: 50% off Rooms

Not included: Dungeon Heart, Guard Post, and Guild Hall

7th November 2018 to
14th November 2018
Accelerations 50% off
Boosts 50% off
30th October 2018 to
7th November 2018
Walls 60% off
50% off traps stone costs
23rd October 2018 to
30th October 2018
Resources 35% off
Imps 40% off
16th October 2018 to
23rd October 2018
Accelerations 50% off
2x Spell Experience
3x Tournament rewards due to a bug in the last tournament. Stars were not counting or they failed to display correctly
9th October 2018 to
16th October 2018
50% off traps stone costs
Boosts 50% off
2nd October 2018 to
9th October 2018
Walls 60% off
Resources 35% off
25th September 2018 to
2nd October 2018
Accelerations 50% off
Imps 40% off
18th September 2018 to
25th September 2018
50% off traps stone costs
Immortals 50% off gem amount
11th September 2018 to
18th September 2018
Boosts 50% off
Tournament rewards doubled and 7 days of DK premium for free (due to guilds being down)
4th September 2018 to
11th September 2018
Walls 60% off
Accelerations 50% off
28th August 2018 to
4th September 2018
No specials for this week
Patch was released for immortals levels 36 to 40
21st August 2018 to
28th August 2018
3x Disable Trap Experience and 1 Extra Cast Per Use
50% off traps stone costs
Boosts 50% off
14th August 2018 to
21st August 2018
3x Lightning Spell Experience and 1 Extra Cast Per Use
7th August 2018 to
14th August 2018
Warlock Powerup Event: 1+ Range and 50% bonus DMG
31st July 2018 to
7th August 2018
Very Rare Room Sale: 50% off Rooms

Not included: Dungeon Heart, Guard Post, and Guild Hall

24th July 2018 to
31st July 2018
Deeg & Dugger Powerup Event: 2x bonus move speed & 3x digging damage
17th July 2018 to
24th July 2018
Glaargl Powerup Event: Special attack at level 35, 50% more health & 50% longer stun duration
10th July 2018 to
17th July 2018
Swampus Powerup Event: 3x more damage to resource rooms & 75% less damage from traps and rooms
3rd July 2018 to
10th July 2018
Dragon Whelp Powerup Event: 2x Health & 50% more damage on opening attack
26th June 2018 to
3rd July 2018
Mistress Powerup Event: 50% more health, Stun & Efficiency Bonus Doubled
19th June 2018 to
26th June2018
No records from this date and prior to determine what the specials were.

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