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Spring Trap

Spring Trap

Spring Trap[]

[1]by Gene_Mythic » Tue Nov 05, 2013 7:19 pm


Down here, it can often be difficult to tell what season it is top-side. But I always know when SPRING is in the air, thanks to a fun little contraption we like to call the Spring Trap. Ok, fine... it's really the bodies of unsuspecting Minions flying through the air, being ejected from a dungeon that's being raided, that I'm talking about.

Unlocked once your Workshop reaches Level 3, Spring Traps are relatively inexpensive to build, and are built instantly once the build order is given. Taking up just a 1x1 tile, these little beauties instantly fling any enemy ground Minion that is unlucky enough to step on them completely out of your dungeon. Not only is it an extremely effective tool for getting rid of the undesirables that are running amok throughout your dungeon... it's also quite entertaining to witness! Dinner AND a show, my lovelies!

A few things to keep in mind when employing Spring Traps, Keepers: A) all Minions are equally susceptible to them, with the exception of Ghosts and Dragon Whelps which fly over them, and Immortals which don't trigger them at all; B) these traps are "one and done", good for one-time use. They remain "used" and ineffective in any subsequent raids until you re-arm them which costs gold but no time. They are not upgradeable.

Don't you just LOVE Spring time?



Cost 750 Gold
Targets Ground
Damage Type Physical
No. of Targets 1
Attack Speed Singe-Use
Attack Range On Tile
Re-arm cost 750 Gold

Traps Available[]

Workshop Traps Added Max Traps
Level 3 1 1
Level 4 1 2
Level 5 2 4
Level 6 2 6
Level 15 1 7
Level 23 2 9
Level 28 2 11
Level 34 1 12

Total amount of traps is either 12 or 13 as of patch 8.2