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Stone accumulates automatically in your claimed Stone Quarries. To collect the accumulated stone, just touch the quarry. Arguably, of the four collectible resources, Stone is the second most valuable due to it's heavy use in upgrading walls.

Obtaining Stone[]

  • Stone Quarries - not very effective though still helpful
  • Survival Raids - Only provides 250k once per week and they can be quite difficult to complete
  • Campaigns - They can provide a lot, especially the later ones, though they are finite
  • Raiding - By far the most effective way to earn stone, this will be 95%+ of your stone income

Storing Stone[]

The amount of stone you can store at a given time is limited by your Warehouses, Stone Quarries and Dungeon Heart.

The maximum amount of stone a dungeon can hold is 90,001,500:

You can also earn stone by Raiding, and is dependent on how many Warehouses you destroy which counts for 50%, destroying the entire dungeon will provide the other 50%.

Spending Stone[]

There are several ways to spend stone: