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Thunderbolt Spell


Are you tired of of the Unholy Temple slowing you to a crawl while getting picked apart by traps, minions or other rooms?  Are you tired of the Torture Chamber zapping your minions in to dust?  We have finally found a cure for that.  Well, a temporary cure that is.  The Thunderbolt spell will not only do a little bit of damage to a room, it will also temporarily stun it so your minions can move in and demolish it.


Usage Type Tap
Mana Cost 150
No. of Targets 3
Requirement Dark Library (Level 5)


  • Disables Rooms temporarily and inflicts minor damage
  • Disable duration increases with Spell level
  • Once one of the three targets has been selected, the spell cannot be cancelled, you will need to select the other two targets
  • Less effective against Dungeon Hearts


Level Experience Total Experience Status Duration Damage
1 0 0 10s 270
2 50 50 12s 390
3 250 300 14s 580
4 500 800 16s 1,100
5 1,000 1,800 20s 1,550
6 1,250 3,050 22s 2,000