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The Treasury is where all your hard-earned gold is stored. It is also where the Dragon Whelp resides if you have any summoned, though he has better things to do than defend your gold. Treasuries do not defend themselves and are sort out by Bile Demons who will destroy it very quickly. For each Gold Mine you have claimed, you can build another Treasury to a max of 4. Though think twice before claiming that Gold Mine, because it gives other keepers another way into your dungeon!


  • Stores your hard-earned Gold
  • Does not defend itself
  • Bolstering reduces Gold plundered when attacked
  • Must have one Gold Mine claimed per Treasury
  • Gold Mines also add 100k gold storage per upgrade
  • At higher levels, gold mines will need to be upgraded to allow the extra gold storage required for upgrading
  • Target priority for Bile Demons, as well as Warehouses
  • Swampus does 50% more damage to warehouses and treasuries
  • 4 treasuries are required to train Dragon Whelps


Size 4x4

Gold Storage[]

You will find that their are times in the games when you don’t have enough Gold storage even with all your Treasuries at their max level. You will need to upgrade your Gold Mines to receive more Gold storage. You will mainly need to do this for the Dungeon Heart. A max level Dungeon Heart at level 35 requires 90 million gold. This requires all Gold Mines to be at level 35, which will take you a very long time. There is no way around this at all, even with the Room Sale promotion, as it does not include the Dungeon Heart.


Level Health Storage Build

Max Dragon Whelp Training

Dungeon Heart Required
1 450 2,500 1m 200 - Level 1
2 750 5,000 30m 1,500 -
3 1,100 15k 1h 4,500 -
4 1,800 30k 2h 7,500 - Level 2
5 2,600 55k 4h 30k - Level 3
6 3,850 90k 8h 50k - Level 4
7 5,300 170k 16h 80k -
8 7,350 300k 1d 150k Level 2 Level 5
9 8,800 720k 1d 12h 300k Level 3 Level 6
10 10,350 1.6M 2d 750k Level 4 Level 7
11 11,750 3M 4d 3M Level 5 Level 11
12 13,435 6M 6d 9M Level 6 Level 14
13 15,120 9M 8d 20M Level 7 Level 17
14 16,830 12M 10d 32M Level 8 Level 20
15 18,530 15M 12d 52.8M Level 9 Level 23
16 20,240 17.5M 14d 66M Level ? Level 26
17 21,930 20M 18d 77.2M Level ? Level 29

Note - Max level is 17